Cape Town volunteers paid!

Most Cape Town volunteers were paid on Friday, but did not receive an sms to alert them about it, as promised by the LOC!

30 % tax has been deducted from those of us who are registered for income tax.

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Unpaid volunteers story reported in People’s Post

The story about the unpaid volunteers was covered by People’s Post yesterday, reporting along similar lines to the Weekend Argus article. 

The article quotes volunteers Walter Daniels and Ashraf Parker, and they tell the story about the promised stipend, the FNB Card, how they check their card every day but it still does not have any payment in it, and the lack of communication between Volunteers and the Cape Town LOC.

National Volunteer Manager Onke Mjo is reported to have said that volunteers will be paid “soon”!  She blames the problems with volunteer bank accounts for the delay in payment!  A telephone number (011) 567-2010 is offered for information about stipend payments.

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Weekend Argus 8 August reports about Volunteer and police overtime non-payment

Nearly a month after Fifa departed, with its substantial profits, following the World Cup, thousands of police and volunteers are still anxiously awaiting money owed to them.

More than 8 000 volunteers are still waiting to be paid and the South African Police Union in the Western Cape said it had been inundated with calls from members complaining that they had not yet been paid their overtime.

Police management said they would be paid by the end of the month.

The union’s Billy Daniels said members had been promised payment would be made immediately after they filled in the necessary forms.

Members were promised a daily flat-rate of R700 regardless of rank, if they worked more than their 40 hour week.

“We were promised in a meeting at police headquarters in Cape Town in July that members would be paid immediately after the necessary forms were received, but despite this being done, our members have not been paid.”

Several police officers also complained that the promised meal allowance had not materialised and some who were deployed at Fan Parks in areas away from their homes had to pay for accommodation out of their own pockets.

Colonel Vish Naidoo, police spokesman for 2010 security, confirmed that none of the police staff who worked overtime had been paid. He said almost 50 000 police had still to be paid. “Processing is under way and we are expecting payment by the end of the month.”

Chris von Ulmenstein of Fresnaye and her son Alex, a first year BComm student at Stellenbosch University, were both volunteers at Cape Town stadium.

Volunteers were promised a R100-a-day stipend with a meal allowance of R120 a day, which was taxed.

“We got constant threats at the time that, if we didn’t fill in our bank details, we wouldn’t be paid.”

They were invited to a farewell function at the Good Hope Centre on July 8 and were told “if you don’t come you won’t be paid”.

“We had to queue for half an hour to sign for an FNB card, into which the stipend was to be paid. All the cash-hungry volunteers ran to the ATMs after the function, only to find that nothing had been paid.”

Alex von Ulmenstein said they had been told that the payment would be loaded on the card. But when they called the volunteer manager of Cape Town Stadium, Virginia Gabriels, to ask why it wasn’t there, they were told it would be paid on July 31. This did not happen.

“My son called his divisional head for IT, who said we would be paid on August 10.”

On Wednesday volunteers received an email from the Volunteer Team of the Fifa World Cup Organising Committee which confirmed the dates of the volunteer stipend disbursement. 

Cape Town volunteers, it said, would be paid along with those in Durban, Port Elizabeth and Rustenburg between August 9 and 15.

Those who worked at Ellis Park, Nelspruit or Soccer City could expect their payment between August 16 and 22.

Alex said what was frustrating about the delay was that the managers and Local Organising Committee officials had been paid.

Thirty percent of the 25 000 volunteers were foreign and they had been paid, although not all of them were happy with their experience.

Australian Daniel Jang, who also volunteered in South Korea in 2002 and Germany in 2006, has written a blog about his experience on a website on which people have been invited to share their World Cup stories. He said he planned to publish some.

Onke Mjo, manager of the volunteer programme, said the payment timeline had been planned ahead of time. Miscommunication was the reason volunteers thought they’d be paid earlier.

Mjo said 984 international and 4 153 local volunteers had been paid, while 8 818 had still to be paid.”

  • This article was originally published on page 2 of Cape Argus on August 08, 2010
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Volunteers are sent an e-mail from the LOC about payment!!!


Dear 2010 OC Volunteers,

The 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee South Africa™ wishes to confirm the timelines of the volunteer stipend disbursement.

Please note that if you have not collected your FNB Volunteer Stipend Payment Card, your stipend payment will be withheld. If you have not collected your card, you are urged to contact us on the details as given below by Friday, 13 August 2010.

Volunteer Stipends are going to be disbursed in accordance to the following scheduled:

During the Tournament until the 30 July 2010  

o International volunteers stipend disbursement 

o All volunteers that have left South Africa are being paid through their International bank accounts 

WEEK 1: 2 – 8 August 2010  

o Mangaung/Bloemfontein 

o Polokwane 

o Tshwane/Pretoria 

o Football for Hope 

WEEK 2: 9 – 15 August 2010  

o Cape Town 

o Durban 

o Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth 

o Rustenburg 

WEEK 3: 16 – 22 August 2010  

o Ellis Park 

o Nelspruit 

o Soccer City 

Should you have any queries, please contact us at the following numbers: 


Tel.: +27 11 567 2010 – Switchboard +27 11 567 2023 – Onke Mjo +27 11 567 2020 – John Mdaka +27 11 567 2026 – Herman Beetge +27 11 567 2043 – Katlego Masege +27 11 567 2095 – Julius Mdluli 

NYDA Call Centre 0800 52 52 52 

Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated.

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Volunteers now will get paid on 31 August!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Onke Mjo, at the LOC Head Office, has said that Volunteers will only get paid on 31 August.  She has that “take it or leave it” attitude!   Call her at 083 2010 112 or her boss Derek Blancensee at 083 2010 175 – he is in charge of Volunteers nationally!  See the detail below:

Today I spoke to the following:

+ Teral Cullen, (083 2010 195) the Cape Town Stadium Venue Manager for the World Cup – she said the “safely guaranteed payment date” is 11 August. She gave me the number for the person dealing with all Volunteer matters in Johannesburg, Onke Mjo. Teral called me back, and told me I should remember that the Head of the LOC Finance was shot at in Johannesburg last week, and that this was probably delaying things, as they have to capture details of 25 000 volunteers! I put it to her that he probably is not doing the admin work on this himself! She also told me that if her boss Derek Blancensee cannot sort out the payment problem, then no one can, as she reports to him!

+ Onke Mjo (083 2010 112) told me that payment would be made on 31 August – she also has a take it or leave it attitude. She told me there are so many volunteers to pay, that’s why they are behind

+ Derek Blancensee (083 2010 175) is Onke’s boss, and also Teral’s, based in Johannesburg – he was in charge of all Volunteer matters, but sounded very laid back to me, in saying he is not head of Finance! I said that as head of Volunteers, he should make it his business to ensure that we are paid. He called me back this afternoon, and told me there are a lot of people to be paid – I said he knew that in April already. They did capture bank details, but many of them were incorrect. Now they want to pay us via the FNB cards, but not all the stadium venues have issued the FNB cards to their volunteers, and the LOC does not want to pay monies into the cards if they do not have a legitimate owner! I asked him how they would trace x number of volunteers without the FNB cards before the new deadline? He could not answer. I suggested that they pay us into our bank accounts, seeing that they have our details. He said that they would incur fees from their bank if they made payments that bounced back! Another “take it or leave it response”!

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Volunteer stipend payment now on 10 August!

We have been told by one of the LOC Managers that the stipend will only be paid on 10 August!

Virginia’s cellphone and office numbers do not work any more.

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Volunteer information : 15 July

Volunteers will only receive payment at the end of the month, according to Virginia.  The payment will be made into the FNB cards.

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